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Fast, cheap, and instant USDt payments for everyone

USDt is a digital dollar, powered by blockchain technology, a stablecoin that is pegged 1:1 to the USD.

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USDt is for everyone

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Working in the Gig Economy?

Stablecoins like USDt enable gig economy workers to receive fast and secure payments instantly across borders, without intermediaries like banks or payment processors.

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Worried about inflation?

By avoiding the fluctuations of local currency, USDt offers an accessible and affordable alternative to traditional financial systems, enabling people to protect their savings.

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Need to send money overseas?

With stable value and low fees, stablecoins offer an attractive alternative to traditional remittance methods, enabling people to send and receive money quickly and efficiently.

Don’t have a bank account?

With a stable value and accessibility, stablecoins provide an alternative to traditional banking services, enabling unbanked individuals to engage in commerce and store value reliably.

Doing Cross-Border Business?

With a stable value and lower fees, stablecoins provide a reliable and efficient way for businesses to operate globally, while the decentralized blockchain ledger provides greater security.

Trading Crypto Currencies?

USDt offers crypto traders a stable value and fast, low-cost transactions, minimizing their exposure to market volatility and enabling quick movement of funds between exchanges or wallets.

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Real Stories of People all over Africa using USDt for a variety of things

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Getting Paid for Online Gigs

“I am a full stack developer, so I get projects from all over the world. It’s often difficult to get paid from overseas customers so I prefer to use USDt. It makes it very easy for me to receive my payments from these various coding jobs.”

Stay Njokede
Software Developer, Ghana
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Saving Valuable Time

”Using USDt has saved our business a lot of time, because as a Nigerian business getting USD requires going to our bank while spending valuable time filling out forms and queuing for hours to make withdrawals or transfers. With USDt however we can exchange it for local currency in less than 5 minutes and execute any transaction we might have.”

Trading company, Nigeria
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Having a US Dollar like  Account with USDt

“Even without having a bank account in dollars, my clients can easily pay me worldwide with USDt. By rapidly changing my shillings to dollars and maintaining my money's worth, USDt also allows me to save money. Some establishments even let me pay without changing money. I can send USDt and make any store purchases I want by only scanning a QR Code.”

Business Consultant, Uganda
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Escaping Currency Inflation

“Tether has helped me in numerous ways. Earning in Tether has helped me beat the tension of the rising inflation in the country and it has helped me cut down on wasteful spending. Also, it helps my savings retain their value as I'm not badly affected by the devaluation of the Naira.”

Student, Nigeria
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Paying Cross-Border Salaries

”In the HR industry, we have a lot of people to pay across different countries. And we simply cannot pay everyone in their national currency. With Tether USDt we can pay everyone irrespective of their nationality and wherever they are working from and they can exchange the USDt themselves whenever they want to.“

HR Agency, Nigeria
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Savings for a UK Visa

“Hello, I am Olamide (Nigerian but UK based). While I was in Nigeria, I used Tether USDt to save my money as I needed to accumulate enough for Proof of Funds as part of my visa requirements and it was super helpful. I also send money back home to my family through USDt because sending via bank is time-consuming and expensive for both me and my family.”

UK Based, Nigeria
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USDt for Crypto Trading & Bear Markets

"Tether USDt is relatively stable and is one of the most traded crypto pairs. I can trade USDt against 100's of coins. Also with USDt I can easily avoid the high volatility of the markets especially to preserve funds during crypto bear times."

Medical Lab Scientist & Crypto Enthusiast, Nigeria
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USDt, All the Strength of the US Dollar in your complete control

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Faster & Cheaper Transactions

Transactions made with USDt can often be processed more quickly and at a lower cost than those made with credit cards, PayPal, or bank transfers. This is because stablecoin transactions are processed on blockchain networks, which are typically faster and less expensive than traditional payment networks. Additionally, USDt can be sent and settled 24/7, 365 days a year.

Increased Payment Security

USDt transactions are recorded on a blockchain, which is a decentralized and transparent ledger. This can provide increased security and transparency for transactions, as each transaction is recorded and can be easily verified and the settlement is final.

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More control over your funds

When you use USDt for payments, you have more control over your funds compared to traditional payment methods. With credit cards, PayPal, and bank transfers, you have to trust a third party to handle your funds and process transactions. With USDt, you can store and control your own funds, giving you more autonomy and security, while not depending on banks and other traditional intermediaries.


Stablecoin payments can offer more privacy compared to traditional payment methods, as they do not require personal information to be shared when making (small) transactions.


USDt can be accessible to people who don't have access to bank accounts or credit cards, as they can be stored and transferred through a variety of digital wallets. All you need is a mobile phone with internet connection to receive and spend USDt.

Price Stability

One of the main benefits of USDt is that the token is pegged to the value of the US dollar. This means that USDt remains relatively stable and is not subject to the same volatility as other cryptocurrencies and even fiat currencies. Especially in countries with high inflation USDt can be used as a hedge to preserve ones wealth.

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borderless transactions
Borderless transactions

USDt enables you to send money globally with low transaction fees and fast transaction times, regardless of where you are in the world. This can be especially beneficial for people that work  internationally or for people who frequently travel.

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